The Audiocraft Conference Series

At Audiocraft, we're all about spreading the podcast love.

That's why, every year, we turn talks from our conference series into a podcast.

It's almost as good as being there! You can subscribe in iTunes or listen below.

Podcasting 101: Jon Tjhia and Bec Fary

Sleeptalker host Bec Fary and Paper Radio enigma Jon Thjia share their experiences and advice for starting your own independent podcast.


Sleeptalker (Bec Fary) 

Paper Radio (Jessie Borrelle, Jon Tjhia)

Better Off Dead (Wheeler Centre)

Fear of Silence (Here Be Monsters) - fear of silence

Sampler (Gimlet)


Fancy, Free: Some notes on independent podcasting from Jon and Bec

Sound Design: Timothy Nicastri and Miyuki Jokiranta

Miyuki, host of RN's Soundproof, joins award-winning producer and sound designer Timothy Nicastri to explore ways of thinking about sound.


Concrete Wave (Soundproof)

New Year Burma (360 Documentaries) 

Pray Ho’tell (360 Documentaries)


A checklist for sound-rich recording - from field to mix

Timothy and Miyuki’s online resources for sound design

Producer Profile: Joel Werner

Joel Werner, whose 99% Invisible report Structural Integrity won a Bronze Award for Best Documentary at the 2015 Third Coast Festival, chats his approach to storytelling and design.


Structural Integrity (99% Invisible) 

Science at the border between life and death (Off Track)

Your Own Voice (Joel Werner)

Producer Profile: Jaye Kranz

Australian radio-making legend Jaye Kranz talks to RN's Creative Director Sophie Townsend about storytelling, truth, and editing. Tears were shed (good ones, though).


The Leaves (BBC)

Easy Love (RN)

Collaborative Storytelling: Giordy, Kween G, Gavin Ivey, Maddy Macfarlane

What is collaborative storytelling? Why is it important? How does it lend itself to creating brilliant audio? Our panel answers these (and other) questions.


There goes the neighbourhood (Radio Skid Row)

What we talk about when we talk about music (PBS FM Melbourne) 

Sherre Delys: 2016 Keynote

Sherre Delys wraps up the day at Audiocraft's first conference in March 2016.