Clockfight: Forming a workable schedule

Take it from us: you won’t get this right first go, but dammit, you’ve got to try: be realistic about your production and upload schedule!

When Jon (and his co­founder Jessie Borrelle) started Paper Radio, they thought they’d upload an episode every two weeks. When Bec was hosting a live version of SleepTalker on SYN, she thought she’d re-­edit that audio and upload it to her podcast feed every week.

Neither of those things happened — typically, we greatly overestimate our time and underestimate the amount of work it takes to make something sound good (especially alongside day jobs).

Perhaps that’s as it should be: you have the ability to edit and improve, so do. Just factor it in.

Remember: as you get better at audio, everything takes longer!

  • You hear much more that you need to fix or edit.
  • Your sound design becomes more complex.
  • Timing matters more to you.
  • You spend time trying to unpick the intangible things that are missing from your stories.

These are all good developments, but as you improve your work, make sure you improve your ability to set deadlines for yourself.

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