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Ladies Who Listen is a peer-to-peer networking community for Australian women and non-binary people working in radio and podcasting production.

Our aim is to help you clarify your career goals, receive honest feedback, identify career opportunities and build confidence.

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Live shows

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Audiocraft Presents: The Allusionist Live

Award-winning British podcast The Allusionist is a logophile’s dream.

Ever heard of Toki Pona (‘the smallest language in the world’) or indefinite hyperbolic numerals (‘zillions, jillions or squillions’)? Have you questioned Western yogic deployments of ‘namaste’, or wondered about the best opening lines on dating apps? Producer and host Helen Zaltzman is here for you.

In each episode, she rumbles with language with infectious verve and a generous helping of pop culture. And now, Zaltzman is bringing her witty, effortlessly informative show to the stage, with musical support from Martin Austwick. Join her in cities around Australia for a fascinating and irreverent adventure into the world we make with words.

For details of events in cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, visit The Allusionist website.

You can also catch Helen Zaltzman and Martin Austwick at Audiocraft Podcast Festival Conference Day (June 1) and Future Podcast (June 2).


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