Tegan Nicholls Tegan is a Sydney-based sound designer, music maker and podcast producer. She created the sound design for the AWGIE winning radio play Spirit (Donna Abela) and has produced podcasts for Word Travels, The Starlight Foundation and FBi Radio’s All The Best. Since 2011 she has created soundscapes and original music for live performance, having worked with companies such as Darlinghurst Theatre Company, NOPRA, Redline Productions, Sport for Jove, Ensemble Theatre, Q Theatre and bAKEHOUSE.

Crafty at: sound design, sound synthesis, field recording, multi-voice storytelling, creative editing, music composition and production.

Interested in: Immersive sound design, real people and raw characters, documentary, audio drama, performance, philosophy, and finally, the human voice and its ability to communicate both musically and linguistically at the same time.