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A community for Australian radiomakers and podcasters

 We hosted our first conference in March 2016 and have big plans for the future

Do not change the channel

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Audiocraft's short feature challenge

Audiocraft and RN are excited to announce the 2016 short feature challenge. 

Entries for 2016 have now closedbut you can still hear the finalists and vote for the People's Choice Award!

2016 Conference Series Podcast

Audiocraft Conference Series Podcast video


We're so excited to share these recordings from our first conference in March 2016.

Feast your ears!

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Audio Craft

Tools, tips and resources for the budding radio storyteller.

About our conference

Audiocraft's inaugural conference was held on 5 March 2016, at 107 Projects in Sydney's Redfern.

You can listen back to the sessions on our podcast series, or check out the program here.

We're hard at work on building our 2017 conference. Be the first to hear about it—sign up to our newsletter!


About Audiocraft

Audiocraft is the first initiative in Australia to bring together producers from the public, community, and independent radio and podcast sectors. We want to harness the creative energy and excitement around audio storytelling and build a stronger community of producers across Australia.

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